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Updating Ancient Wisdom Gurdfieff On Self-Remembering

On Self Remembering

When Gurdjieff speaks of Self-Remembering, how can we explain this in terms of the Laws of Quantum Physics?

The Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy that we call the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of God.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is no time, no past present nor future. There is only the NOW.

There is nothing that exists outside the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. All Universes are there, all religions are there, all great teachers are there also all of Gurdjieff''s ideas and teachings are there. The Circle of Conscious Humanity is there. Gurdjieff is there also. Even if he 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean and took on a new incarnation, he is still there with his work.

This is part of the mystery and beauty of the Quantum Ocean and the Laws of Quantum Physics; all possible Gurdjieff's are there.

And all possible 'you's' and 'I's' are there. But what is important for us to understand is that we need to work on the "I" that has taken on a physical life. The "I" that has 'blinked out' from the Quantum Ocean that contains all our possible "I's."

This will help to understand what 'Gurdjieff meant by 'Self-Remembering' and 'Inner Separation.' Remember that we are individual "I's."

We must constantly remind ourselves with 'Self-Remembering' that this physical, emotional and mental world we see, feel and think we know all around us is a Matrix (Structure) of all the thoughts and feelings of the collective Unconsciousness of Humanity.

Gurdjieff says it is a trap. When someone says they are trapped, they are implying that they are being kept or stopped from going somewhere else. If you and I are trapped in this Collective Unconscious man-made matrix, where is it we should be going to if we could get out?

We should be going to higher levels of Consciousness, to higher Realities, to higher Worlds. Gurdjieff shows us with his Ray of Creation that the planet Earth is very far down on the Scale of Creation. Conscious man should strive to move upwards.

This is what we should strive to , Self-Remembering at all times. Thoughts, feelings and events are not of our doing. They are just a place where we are. The place where we live. We are not this place and we should not identify with it.

We should learn to observe it, to look at it as if it were a stage, a play and everyone is an actor, including us. We are the actor, not the play.

When we use our powers of 'Self-Remembering' what else does Gurdjieff tell us we should do?

We as individual souls within the Mind of God need to build a second Reality within ourselves. We need to build an inner separation from the world of the Collective Unconscious all around us and the world belonging to the Conscious Circle of Humanity.

The Conscious Circle fo Humanity are those humans who have “Come ye out from amongst them!" Those who have become completely free of the pulls of the Collective Unconsciousness. Instead of moving to higher dimensions and higher worlds, they have made the decision to stay here on Planet Earth and help us to evolve and grow.

Why do they do this? Because others have done it for them.

According to Gurdjieff''s "Work" we are to 'Self-Remember' that we are not the thoughts, feelings or actions all around us. We are 'observers' of this physical Matrix with a higher Goal.

We 'Self Remember' and then create an 'inner-separation' within ourself for the "Work," teachings and for the guidance that the Conscious Circle of Humanity sends to us. We must have a space within ourselves to receive and store and work on this guidance.

This is the same inner transformation that all the Ancient Wisdom Teachings talk about. Be in them, not of them.

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