Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quantum Physics and TAO Updated Ancient Wisdom

The Tao

The only constant in the whole Universe is 'change.' We as a Solar System, have rotated through the Milky Way Galaxy to a new place in space.

Our Solar System rotates around our Galactic Sun, the same way as our Earth rotates around our Sun. We have called this new place in Space around our Glalactic Sun "The Age of Aquarius." We will be moving through this space for 2000 years.

There will be many changes. For the past 2000 years formal religions were to the front and Science took a back seat. The people will still have a strong need for religion, but it will be more individualized. The huge formal religions, in the next 100-200 years will disappear.

Each man and woman on the planet will be given the chance to discover God in their own way. They will not have to BELIEVE any one any more. They will 'KNOW' who and what God is.

The masters who have gone before, understood a great deal more about the workings of God and each of them abstracted out of the 'ALL' the best way to teach their followers.

The Age of Aquarius has revealed to us the gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there is an infinite Ocean of intelligent, thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. This Quantum Ocean is the Mind of God made manifest. There is no past, present, nor future in the Quantum Ocean, only the NOW. There is no space in the Quantum Ocean, only the HERE.

So in reality there is only the HERE-NOW.

The Quantum Ocean responds to man's thoughts and emotions. The great thinkers and mystics of the past used the power of their minds and emotions to penetrate deeper into the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, than the average man was able to do.

Higher levels of consciousness are synonymous with this deeper and more powerful thought. These higher Consciousness thinkers created our religions. And this was good for the 'Age of Pisces.' At this time man was not sufficiently advanced in consciousness to understand the workings of the 'Mind of God.' He needed someone who could somewhat penetrate the Mind of God, and bring forth a teaching. The average man needed something and someone to "BELIEVE IN.'

Not any more. As we spin through the section in space called ' The Age of Aquarius' each of us will be given the tools to penetrate the Mind of God and create our own individualized religion.

The Great ones, Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, Odin, Confuscious, and Lao Tze will still be remembered and thought of, but as pioneers not Gods.

The Laws of Quantum Physics will show us that they understood these laws, but expressed them differently to the different races of people in their environment.

Let us look at the words of Lao Tsze. He was born in the year 604 B.C. in China. He was called 'The Old Philosopher.'

The teachings of Lao Tze, though ancient, are still quite new and modern. In that they are still just as true today as they were then.

His complete work 'Tao - Teh Kng' consists of only 5,000 Chinese characters.

"Tao" is the absolute, the unmanifested one (Mind of God).

"Teh" is the manifestation of Tao in the objective world (Quantum Ocean.)

Fundamentally, there are four distinct senses in which it can be understood. We can relate these to the modern day Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

1. Tao is the Supreme God, the Absolute and Unmanifested One. (Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.)

2. Tao is the All - Creative Logos, The Name, The Word, The Father-Mother.
(Quantum Ocean is an infinite Ocean of thinking energy that creates all.)

3. Tao is the Way of Heaven, The Law, The Dharma, The Divine Providence, The Inexhaustible Store. (Quantum Ocean, Mind of God is infinite and shows the way back to God.)

4. Tao is the Root and Final Possession, The Ultimate Goal of All, The Abode of Peace and Security, The End and Home of all Beings.

We 'Blink in' and 'Blink out' of the physical plane with each new incarnation. With each new incarnation we are to raise our level of consciousness and become more God-like.

When we reach this stage in our development there will be no more need to 'Blink out.'

We will be home to stay in the Mind of God, The Quantum Ocean. Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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