Monday, February 11, 2008

Gurdjieff Understanding Updated Ancient Wisdom Part 4

Updated Ancient Teachings
Gurdjieff - Understanding

"Violence is the antithesis to understanding. We have to create understanding. Understanding is a positive thing. Man is his Understanding."

To understand is to Know. To know is to be able to see the cause and effect in all the events in your life.

To understand is to see and know the working out of the Law of Three, (You; the other and the realationship between) in all your relationships.

To become violent to any person, place or event is to not understand the cause of that event, nor to understand your relationship to that person, place or event.

Quantum Physics tells us that thoughts are things. It also tells us that our thoughts create our reality. This is done because our thoughts reach into the infinite ocean of intelligent thinking substance, called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. These thoughts then create our physical reality around us.

If there is a person, place or event in your life that is about to move you to violence, then you do not understand. You do not understand the cause of the event. You caused it. You attracted it. You also do not understand your relationship to that event. What is it you have to learn from it?

Therefore forego the violence and with all thy getting get understanding.

There is an old Chinese proverb, which when I first heard it, I did not like it or understand it. It goes like this:
"The murdered person is as guilty as the murderer."
Now I understand it.

Winston Churchill said, "Just because you have to kill a man, there is no reason to be angry or violent about it..."

Keep in mind that the Karma attached to every event you cause in your life is judged good or bad by your MOTIVE.

Each of us in the course of our daily living must create understanding. We must understand the cause and the relationship of every person, place, or event that enters our life on a daily basis.

Understanding can only be positive for it follows the Natural Laws of Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

You are the sum total of your understanding. What you understand you know. What you KNOW you are.

The place that each of us attains in the hierarchy of things is the sum total of our level of being (state of consciousness.) And our level of understanding.

Every time we truly understand the cause and the relationship of every person, place or thing that enters our life, we raise our level of consciousness ever so slightly. One cannot exist without the other. To understand cause and effect, and the Law of Three of Relationships, puts you at a level of unconsciousness above the level of consciousness of Massive Society.

To raise your level of consciousness, even a little, above the level of mass man (unconscious man) is to be able to understand the Laws of Cause and Effect in your life; as well as the Law of Three in Relationships.

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