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Updating Wisdom of Ancient Masters

Updating the Wisdom of Ancient Masters
Part 1

The following are some of the occult seed thoughts my teacher I.F. passed on to me 30 years ago. He called them occult seed thoughts because the truth of them lies hidden, like the corn kernel lies hidden in the seed. Patience was one of his key words. He said that these occult (hidden) seed thoughts would lie deep in my consciousness until I was ready to consciously understand them.

I.F. was a true master teacher and I miss our morning talks. For seventeen years; I went to I.F.'s apartment in Seagate, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I would bring the bagels and cheese and he would have the coffee ready. His two bedroom apartment was furnished very simply. In the living room there was a card table with two folding chairs, facing each other. An old piano was on one wall, a stuffed couch was on the other. And there were books, books, books, from floor to ceiling.

We would sit facing each other and eat our bagels and drink our coffee. When we finished, he would start the lesson. He, myself and the whole room transformed to a different dimension.

Most of the knowledge and wisdom that he shared with me was verbal. But he also had over 100 spiral notebooks of occult knowledge that he had personally written. I was allowed to read them and hand copy notes into my notebook.

He was a true unassuming master, who did not proselytize. He would only take 4 students at a time.

I would like to share some of the occult seeds with you. Be patient and give them a chance to grow.

"No one can enter the worlds of higher consciousness who has not passed the discipline of Saturn.(Lord of Matter, Child of the Gates of time."

The planet Saturn is very powerful and he makes two or three circuits of the houses of our astrological charts. At ages 28 and 56, he starts his second and third Saturn cycles. If we do not restructure our lives according to his demands, he will remain her in the darkness.

"For those who are asleep and unawakened, their lives appear easier and simpler."

When you start on the path towards higher Consciousness, life seems to get very difficult. This is because you are passing through a period of Purificatio (spiritual alchemy.) This brings many inner and outer changes that may cause pain. Your old useless toys are taken away from you. When you look around at the masses, they seem happier.... But they are attempting to climb Spiritually and are basically Spiritually stagnate.

"You must limit (focus) yourself in order to get power, like steam confined in a boiler."

Simplify your life. Stop all unnecessary expenditures of energy. Use your energy to build your higher body and to clean your inner cup.

"Your inner man/women must be renewed day by day or it will be drowned in the uproar of life!"

Our 24 hour period is very special. The Sun goes to sleep at night and renews itself in the morning. It is the same with us. Upon awakening, we must spend our renewed energy on ourselves first, on our goals, meditations and spiritual studies before we go out into the world. Once we step out into the world, life (the masses) it will suck the energy out of us. Pay yourself first! And watch where you place your attention.

"The energy of consciousness is different from the energy of Life."

Everything is energy. Energy is in relationships on ascending and descending octaves of vibrations. Consciousness exists on a higher level of vibration than does the energy required to live life.

"Consciousness is not memory, nor is it thought, nor is it feeling, nor is it sensation or movement." It is the energy that lifts one above the physical place to higher states of consciousness.

When the Chinese speak of the Tao, they are talking of higher consciousness.

I will write more articles on I.F. in the future.




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